Newport, RI, USA

After a wonderful conference in Woods Hole, I decided to take a short trip to Newport, Rhode Island. It would have been an agonizing 4.5hrs bus journey with 2 transits, if I had started my journey from Woods Hole, MA. Luckily, a friend drove, and he dropped me off in Boston, which made the whole trip more … More Newport, RI, USA

Illumina Microarray Analysis with R – a newbie tutorial

If you stumbled here because of this title, you probably would have read all the other gazillion posts on microarray analysis using Bioconductor and packages like lumi, limma and beadarray – these posts are usually the top hits on google. Also, the reasons why you continued your search and ending up here, despite having read those,  can include: … More Illumina Microarray Analysis with R – a newbie tutorial

Cherry Blossom – Washington DC – USA

Over the weekend, I went to Washington DC to catch the Cherry Blossom festival. Having previously caught the Cherry Blossom in South Korea, I thought it will be similar. However, the thousands of Sakura against the backdrop of historical landmarks like the Jefferson Memorial or Washington Monument gave the Washington DC Cherry Blossom a very different … More Cherry Blossom – Washington DC – USA