Cherry Blossom – Washington DC – USA

Over the weekend, I went to Washington DC to catch the Cherry Blossom festival. Having previously caught the Cherry Blossom in South Korea, I thought it will be similar. However, the thousands of Sakura against the backdrop of historical landmarks like the Jefferson Memorial or Washington Monument gave the Washington DC Cherry Blossom a very different feel. The sakura were in full bloom in the first week of April. The best place to view the blossoms would be along the Tidal Basin. One of the nearest metro would be Smithsonian Station. I was lucky to arrive on the Friday right before the festival on Saturday. So I had a “sneak peak” of the sakura with less people. Apart from the sakura blossoms, magnolia trees were also in full bloom, and might even  be prettier than sakura.

I stayed in the Capitol Skyline hotel through my entire trip there. It is situated quite centrally, within walking distance to capitol south metro. Most attractions are around the vicinity, so I don’t have to spend hefty amounts travelling to and fro. Sometimes, I even walk back to the hotel. The area is generally quite safe.

Washington Monument
Washington monument with a helicopter overhead
Cherry Blossom on a backdrop of Jefferson Memorial
View of the Tidal Basin
Washington Monument
Another one…
Lincoln Memorial
More blossoms…
Smithsonian Castle being hidden behind Magnolias
Really nice bench at the Enid A. Haupt Garden in front of the Smithsonian Castle. This alcove is shielded from the throng of people rushing towards the tidal basin.


I can’t remember what building this is. But when I was there, there was this man that committed suicide at the Capitol Building. Police was running around, shouting and chasing people off the lawn… a little over the top IMHO
Duck in the Capitol Reflecting Pool
When in Washington DC, one has to visit some museums. They are all free. I went to the Gallery of art
In DC there are so many statues, you lose track who is who over time…
Library of Congress
Library of Congress
Capitol Building. Sadly, it is under renovation.
and of course, the White House

Other parts of my USA trip
Maine – Arcadia National Park
New York
Boston – Freedom Trail
Grand Canyon (West Rim)

April 2015


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