Freedom Trail – Boston – MA – USA

On a bright sunny day in Fall 2014, I decided to go walk the famed Freedom Trail that cuts through several scenic spots in Boston, MA. The trail begins at Park Street station on the red/green line. There are ample signage around guiding one on the Freedom Trail even without a map.

I modified the route to a shorter one to cover the wharf and aquarium area.

First stop: Boston Commons.

Boston Common
Boston Commons
Boston Commons

Massachusetts State House

MA State House

Cranary Burial Ground

Cranary Burial Ground
Cranary Burial Ground
Cranary Burial Ground

Along the way, you will see Tremont Temple across the street. It looks so grand. The carvings are so intricate.

Tremont Temple

King’s Chapel

King’s Chapel. It was already closed when I reached there. They organize group tours, so go check out their webpage.
King’s Chapel
Burial ground next to King’s Chapel

Old City Hall

Old City Hall

Irish Famine Memorial (just outside Walgreens)

Sadly, it is covered by bird poo

Old Meeting House

Old Meeting House
Spiral stairs in the meeting house

Old State House

Old State House with One Boston Place behind it

Faneuil Place

Fanueil Place with Sam Adams Statue in front. Its really crowded with a lot of street busking around. Hard to get a nice picture. A note of caution: Sometimes the buskers will try to involve the crowd in their act. The busker(s) will then ask for “donations” from the crowd and the “volunteer(s)”. From what I see it takes $10-20 from the volunteer(s) to get the busker(s) to move on. Don’t go too close if you don’t want to be “volunteered”.

The next part of the Freedom Trail is a long walk to Beacon Hill. Hence, I decided to follow the crowd and head to Quincy Market for some “snacks”. Sadly, its really a tourist trap with overpriced food. Not recommended to dine here unless you want to pay exorbitant price, join long queue, stand around waiting for sits and squeeze with the crowd. I am in and out within minutes.

Quincy Market
Pavement outside the market looks much better than the bustling and shoving inside.
A dome in the market. Can’t get really good pictures with so many people and poor lighting.
A young musician busking.

Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park is just across the road from Quincy Market. From here one can proceed to the harborwalk and the aquarium with really nice tranquil view of the sea.

North End
Marriott Long Wharf
Boston inner harbor
Lonesome gull against a backdrop of luxury yachts
Walk down to the piers.
I just like the peace and quietness here after walking past Quincy Market.
Sun is setting…
Some art installation somewhere along some winding paths….
Some building…

Finally, I just followed the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway towards Boston South MBTA and take the train home.

Overall route

Maine – Arcadia National Park
New York
Washington – Cherry Blossom
Grand Canyon (West Rim)

October 2014


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