Acadia – Maine – USA

Taking advantage of the Columbus day long weekend, 3 friends and I rented a car and drove up to Maine from Boston. We rented a Hertz Toyota Camry for 3 days (we only spent 1 night in Acadia). It costed about USD$130 per person for the car, GPS, damage and liability waiver, gasoline, and toll charges. The drive from Boston to Maine took about 4.5hours. We stopped along a rest stop and had Burger King breakfast. Their nuggets were USD$1.49 for 10!!! (naturally, we got 40 of them).


Fall in Acadia
Some pond we passed along the way
Yellow leaves

The first stop in Acadia was the visitor center. We bought a 1 week pass for the car (USD$20), and got a map. Driving along the coast, and hopping onto the park loop road, we made our way to the Sand Beach. In my opinion, its just a pretty normal beach. However, the highlight is not the beach, but the Beehive trail! Sand Beach area has a pretty big carpark, restrooms, water fountains to replenish our water bottle, and its at the bottom of the Beehive trail. Its a very interesting, and at times exhausting trail, rigged with steep, almost vertical climbs, narrow ledges, and metal rungs.

Sand Beach
Looking up from the bottom of the Beehive Trail
Beehive Trail
Almost vertical climb
View from the top

After the Beehive trail, we drove along the coast heading to Thunder Hole. Nothing really exciting, and the crush of the waves didn’t really produce a loud thunder as advertised. Probably its the season or the tide. Nonetheless, its along the way to Northeast Harbor, where we will spend the night in Kimball Terrace Inn. Dinner was a meal of LOBSTER at Thurston’s Lobster Pound. The restaurant was pretty remote, and en-route was dark and there weren’t much cars around. However, when we reached the restaurant at around 8pm (it closes at 9pm), it was packed, and the carpark was full!

Thunder Hole
Sea and cliffs

After a hearty meal of lobster, we headed up Cadillac mountain to view the stars and the milky way! Its really one of the best stargazing spot that I have been to. However, it was really cold, and after a few minutes, we seek refuge back in the car. Thereafter, we went back to Sand Beach, hoping to see some bioluminescent plankton, but was disappointed.

The next morning, we woke up at 4:30am (!!!) to catch the sunrise at Cadillac Mountain. I was kinda grumpy that I had to wake up so early. However, looking back, I was kinda glad I did catch the sunrise. Another perk of going up early, is you get to park right at the summit! It gets really packed. Its really spectacular, seeing the sun peeking out from under the sea as only a tiny orange dot, and slowly rising and growing in intensity to become a fiery red ball so bright, some people exclaimed that the headlines of the day’s newspaper will be tourists got blinded watching sunrise atop Cadillac Mountain.

Sunrise at Cadillac Mountain summit
Rise and Shine

Breakfast was at Jeannie’s Great Maine Breakfast. It was seriously good, with free flow coffee. The eggs were fried or poached exactly as you wanted. However it was on the pricey side.

Great Maine Breakfast
Our breakfast spread


The last item on the itinerary before we head back to Boston was a hike up Precipice Trail. In terms of difficulty, Precipice was harder than Beehive, but more exciting. The trail is longer and tougher. Also, unless you return back the way you go up, there is no trail that leads back to the beginning of the trail, unlike the Beehive.

Beginning of Precipice Trail
Precipice Trail
Nice scenery along the way make it worthwhile and less tiring.
We went in from the other end, and came out from that crevice between the rocks.
Narrow ledges of Precipice Trail
Spectacular scenery
More trees and rocks
Trees and rocks….
and trees and rocks… you get it…
Along the way, you can see such rock cairn, which points in the direction of the trail
Heading towards Jordan Pond
Jordan Pond
Jordan Pond
Acadia National Park.

New York
Boston – Freedom Trail
Washington – Cherry Blossom
Grand Canyon (West Rim)

October 2014


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