Taiwan – Taichung – Rainbow Village

Rainbow Village (彩虹眷村) is a small ‘village’ comprising of about 3-4 small houses. These were houses given to war veterans in gratitude of their service. Grandpa Huang, was one such veteran. During his free time, he would use the pension given by the government to buy paint, and draw graffiti on the walls. Initially, no one took notice of these colorful graffiti, until undergraduates from the nearby Lingtung university stumbled upon the village and started taking photos of it, thus the birth of the Rainbow Village. It was initially slated for demolition. Petition by the people led to its temporary preservation. However, all around the ‘village’ demolition and construction work can be seen ongoing, such that from the main roads, this place can’t be easily seen. Sadly, as told by my taxi driver, despite calls for preservation, the village will soon be pulled-down. While visiting, do keep your volume down, as other grandpas and grandmas living in the vicinity are not really hospitable to tourists.

The easiest way to get to Rainbow Village is by taxi, as public transport in Taichung is still generally lacking. It is a small compound, and can comfortably be covered within 15-30mins. Do support Grandpa Huang, by buying some of his souvenirs. It really don’t cost a lot.

Surrounding demolition and construction is easily evident

Grandpa Huang selling hand-made souvenirs. BUY SOMETHING!!
Left most: Andy Lau… I think he will be appalled..
more ‘actresses’ and ‘actors’

Hear no evil?
Hi bunnyyyyy
A glance will bring you wealth… I hope
Seashell ornaments
Playground outside the village. Reminiscent of childhood.

May 2013

 Getting to Taichung

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