Singapore – Singapore Zoo – River Safari

I decided to visit the River Safari – opened in early 2013, it is the latest addition to the Singapore zoo. It houses a pair of panda, Jiajia and Kaikai, as well as several other exhibits. Also, the amazon river quest was opened just days ago on the 7th of Dec 2013.

There are various ways to get to the zoo. Information can easily be obtained from their website. Hence I will just introduce the most convenient way for me and generally for most people. Take the mass rapid transit (MRT) or subway to Ang Mo Kio station (NS16 along the north-east line). From there proceed to the bus interchange at take bus 138 at berth B1. It will bring you straight to the zoo. Journey time is approximately 30-45mins depending on traffic conditions.

Once in the zoo, you can get tickets at the ticket booth. Currently, the discounted ticket price for the River Safari is S$25 (adult). The ticketing booth also sells tickets to the Singapore Zoo, as well as for the Night Safari. So be sure to buy the right ticket. If you want to visit more than one place, within a 30 days period, you should buy the park hopper ticket, which comes with even more discount.

The River Safari is not a big place, and can be rushed within 30mins. I would really advise anyone to not do that, and set aside at least 1.5-2hrs to go through the exhibits. It is really a very nice place, not only in the details of the exhibits but also the general scenery.

River Safari is set amidst the backdrop of a reservoir.
Very colorful mandarin ducks
An alligator snapping turtle
A puffer fish. I just can’t get rid of the reflection no matter where I try to stand…
Nature shots
Toco Toucan
This squirrel monkey attempted to snatch my bread…

In my opinion, I think this is also the best panda exhibit in the world. The environment is temperature controlled to around 20+ degrees Celsius, and there are no glass panels separating the pandas from the viewers. The panda enclosure is also clean with no weird odor. But before I showcase the panda photos and videos, I should give due respect to the “ORH SO CUTE” red panda first!!!

Red panda. SO CUTE!!!
Red panda sticking its tongue out. AHHHHHH… CUTE!!!!
hmm.. should I jump or not…
The Giant Panda
Best panda exhibit in the world. No glass panels!!! Do you like my finger?

Produced: Jimmy (
Soundtrack: The Secret Waterfall
Software: Windows movie maker

Another part of the River Safari I really liked, if not more than the panda enclosure is the Amazon Flooded Forest aquarium. The first time you set eyes on the exhibit, I guarantee you to be wowed. It is the largest freshwater aquarium in the world, and houses some of the largest manatees I have seen. I spent at least 30 mins sitting there looking at these magnificent creatures idly swimming about.

The amazon flooded forest

Produced: Jimmy (
Soundtrack: Kitaro – Aria Di West Lake
Software: Windows movie maker

Check out this link for more info about River Safari from BackpackerLee 😀

Dec 2013


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