Taiwan – Taipei – Yingyang Sea and Golden Waterfall

Some distance away from Yehliu Geopark towards Ruifang, are the sceneries of Yingyang Sea and Golden Waterfall located at Jin Gua Shi (Jinguashih) mining town.

Yingyang Sea (阴阳海) is a natural phenomenon formed from the running of yellowish iron-rich river runoff into the sea. As the river water and sea water don’t mix that fast, it creates the pattern of the ying-yang. It is best seen after heavy rainfall, where there is ample river volume. Though there is a small drizzle on this day, the river volume is moderate, hence the phenomenon is not as spectacular. Nonetheless, the half-crescent of the yingyang can still be seen.

Along the river, is an abandoned iron mine. The best vantage point to view the Yingyang Sea, is right atop a 13 stories high abandoned mining dormitory. The place felt to be still trapped in the 1930s. Apart form the dorm, there are numerous mining-cart tunnels running down the mountain side, resembling a black giant snake.

Standing atop the roof of the dorm, with the Ying Yang Sea in front, the Gorilla Mountain stands on the left. It is so called, because it resembles a giant gorilla.

The best vantage point to view Ying Yang Sea is up atop that abandoned building
Yingyang Sea. The yellow runoff can vaguely be seen to make out a crescent.
Gorilla mountain.
Along the mountain, tubes can be seen running down. These used to be mining tunnels, transporting iron ore from the mine down.

Upstream from Yingyang Sea, is the Golden waterfall. Again, it is so called due to the high iron content, making the rocks shine a bright yellowish brown. Travelling further into Ruifang, you might come across a museum showcasing the history of Jin Gua Shi mining town, and within they sell bottles of sand which boast a grain of gold. Our driver hinted that this could be a gimmick, and advised us to give it a miss., which we did. 

Next up, we went to Jiufen for lunch, and then to the Shifen Waterfall, both of which I visited previously.

Golden waterfall

Rock is colored a bright yellowish brown by iron deposits.

May 2013

Yehliu Geopark Shifen Waterfalls 

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