Taiwan – Taipei – Yehliu

This time round in Taipei, I engaged a driver, Mr. Johnson for a day tour for my friends and I. First off, he is a nice driver, always keeping within the speed limits. He drives a MPV, capable of seating 10 people comfortably, hence its extremely spacious for the 7 of us. It’s a new car, which means it’s clean, no wierd smell, good suspension, comfortable seats and good air-conditioning. His rate for a day trip lasting 10hrs is NT$6000. We overshot by 30mins, but he is good, with no additional charges. Along the way, he gave brief introductions of the places we visited, which was sufficient in my opinion. He also stops occasionally along the road, when a particular scenic spot pops up.

The day itinery was: Yehliu Geopark – Yingyang Sea – Golden WaterfallJiufen Old streetsShifen Waterfall – Keelung Night Market.

I am covering Yehliu here, and others will be subsequently covered.

Yehliu Geopark is located on the north coast of Taiwan in Wanli, some 30-40mins drive away from Taipei. Admission fee is NT$100 per person. It is famous for its rock formation, of which the most notable is the Queen’s Head. These rock formation is a result of seawater eroding the soft thick layer of rock nearer to the base, while the top harder thin layer of rock is preserved, giving them the typical mushroom shape. Without any preservation, it was reported that the Queen’s Head rock formation will collapse in about 10 more years.

Along the way to Yehliu Geopark. A view of the north coast of Taiwan.
Yehliu Geopark is located in the town of Wanli.
Some cute mascots greeting tourists at the entrance.
The myraid of mushroom stones. Because of the rain, the ground is muddy and slippery, but there is less tourists. Most tourists are from mainland China, and can be really rowdy and uncouth, walking into photos, jumping queues, spitting on the ground, etc.
Will have to brush up on my photoshop skill to remove those people… but there are so many of them… is it even possible
Finally a shot with less people
Rock strata and the coast.
This area is less accessible, but the mushroom rocks are better preserved.
The famous Queen’s Head
The Queen’s Head.
Rock formation in the shape of a gorilla.
Heart shaped crevice.

May 2013

Yingyang Sea and Golden Waterfall

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