Time Lapse – First Try

Saw a time lapse video of a sunrise and decided to experiment and create my own time lapse series.

First off, unlike time lapse photography, this was shot continuously over 5 hours on a bright sunny afternoon as a video from my laptop’s built-in webcam (pretty sucky). Video was captured using opensource virtualdub. I then used opensource avisynth to frame grab every 60th frame using the below script, and compiled the video in virtualdub.


Finally, using the free windows movie maker, the soundtrack and video effects were added.

About the video: It was captured on a bright sunny afternoon. It was a lazy afternoon, apart from the neighbor cleaning his boat, non-other boats left for sea. In the background, freighters could be seen moving in and out of the port. Port machineries were also frantically loading and unloading cargo. Even further towards the back, you can see the skyline of Singapore’s business district with its high-rise towers. Among them were the newly built integrated resort Marina Bay Sands and Singapore flyer. Length of capture was about 5hrs, then it started to rain, and I had to keep my laptop. Probably I will do a 24hr capture next time with better equipment, maybe a hd webcam!! Or when I change my camera. Apparently, my camera could only run on battery, and it obviously couldn’t last 24hrs.

Produced: Jimmy (jimmyview.wordpress.com)
Soundtrack: Mari Fujiwara – Water Mark
Software: Virtualdub, avisynth, windows movie maker.

Dec 2012


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